Welcome Holy Spirit (Download available)

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All Time Favourite Hymn Sung in Most Churches

Song Arrangement:
It has an intro
Bank A has the verse part
Bank B has the chorus part
Bank C has alternative verse part
It has break button (optional)
It has Ending

Playing Method:
First go on with the intro
Use Bank A to sing the verse Part
And then press Bank B to sing the chorus part
Use Bank C to sing the verse part in progressive pattern. Use this bank at the ending
Use break button to shift between banks (optional not necessary)
Use the End button to end the song

Song Lyrics:

Welcome Holy Spirit                                                        (Bank A)
We are in Your presence
Fill us with Your power
Live inside of me

You’re the Living waters                                               (Bank B)
Never drying fountain
Comforter and Counselor
Take complete control

I have performed this song as Demo. Please do watch so that you will have an idea about using this file and also please do bear with our singing capabilities



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