Why Donate?

We have been doing this since a decade. People from all over the world from around 120 countries are downloading our stuff. Take a look at the testimonies page to see the wonderful work that God has been doing.

We can’t sustain this work without your donation. The styles are created from raw files which costs around $3-4 per song and we spend more than 10 hours on one song to create one automated style. You can donate any amount you would like to.

Our Requirements:

  1. Purchase of Raw Music files for creating new songs.
  2. A keyboard costing $1500. Now we are using a hired keyboard.
  3. We want to fully devote our time in creating these automated styles
  4. We want to conduct workshops on our automated styles by travelling to different places and equipping the people of God. Now we are doing only online ministry.

Your donation will not only help us but also the people around the world who are using our files who effectively worship the Lord without the help of any experts. Our vision is to continue to provide the styles free of cost to those who have financial constraints in the future also.

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