This technique of using styles is ingenious. Although I wouldn’t use this way of doing a song it shows the versatility of this machine. thanks so much for sharing this with us.
Bob & Sylvia Jordan 


May God bless your for all your hardwork to praise Him.


We have used all your melodic styles extensively in our fellowship, with a little bit of teething problem we mastered it but now we need to move on. Thanks for your great help and it was blessing in disguise when i found these nuggets when i really needed it and i was just brushing my keyboard skills. Great help indeed ! Probably our choir would not have reached the status where we are now without your melodic styles.
Xavier, Melbourne


My name is Linda and I am a handicapped musician (I only have one hand and don’t have any fingers or thumb on my left arm). Many thanks for your Christian worship styles. I play worship music on my Yamaha keyboard at our church and also at homes for elderly people
Linda, Australia 


I am too in the same situation like you as over music ministry going holidays and someone have take over the music and I need your guidance for this
Therese, Australia


I am a member of our church praise & worship team and play keyboard, mostly backing without the rhythm and styles. Our team is made up of several musicians…three vocalists, piano, keyboard, two guitars (acoustic & electric), bass (electric) and drums. I commend you for taking charge and using your Yamaha keyboard in an innovative way to provide the backing for your vocalists in the absence of a live team of musicians. You are certainly an inspiration and model for small churches by demonstrating how the Yamaha keyboard can be used to provide a worship service that is appreciated by the congregation. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for that amazing styles.I wiil use them for the glory of our God.May God Bless you and continued to work for the Him with your beautiful music.

Tasos, Greece




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