Shout To The Lord – Hillsong

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Bank Arrangement

There is an Intro
Bank A has whole song
Bank B has chorus
Bank C has the last stanza of the chorus to sing at the ending
There is an End button

Playing Method

Start with Intro and then go on with Bank A
shift to Bank B to repeat the chorus part.
Use Break BA to shift between banks
Use Bank C to sing the last part of the chorus
Use Ending Key at the end. Read the rest of this entry »



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Your Church has a Keyboard and no one knows to play it!

Are you available for Lord?

Before moving to download please do read some aspects mentioned below.

Historically, music has always played a huge role in Christian worship, and the diversity of music in the church these days bears testimony to the endless creativity that God gives to his people. However, there are times when regular musicians can be hard to find. Whether it’s due to transience, retirement or a desire to try out a different style of music, many congregations find themselves from time to time without the means to provide appropriate accompaniment.

Many churches in this situation are now discovering that using MIDI or MP3 technology has revolutionized their musical worship by providing an infinitely flexible but easy-to-use means of accompaniment. MIDI files are generally played from a floppy disk and can be played through a wide range of keyboards, digital pianos and specifically designed MIDI or Mp3 players. Read the rest of this entry »