Rock Of My Salvation

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Another Classic from Maranatha Singers

Song Arrangement:
It has an intro
Bank A has the full song
Bank B has the full song with added instrument
Bank C has the chorus part
It has break button to switch between banks
It has Ending button to end the song

Playing Method:
First go on with the intro
Use Bank A to sing the verse Part for the first time
And then press Bank B to repeat the verse again and sing the chorus part
Use Bank C to repeat the chorus any number of times
Use break button to shift between banks (Needed when repeating Bank C)
Use the End button to end the song

Song Lyrics:

You are the rock of my salvation.                                          (Bank A&B – Verse + Chorus)
You are the strength of my life.
You are my hope and my inspiration.
Lord unto You will I cry

I believe in You, believe in You.                                            (Bank C – For Repetition)
For Your faithful love to me.
You have been my help
in time of need.
Lord unto You will I cleave.


I have performed this song as Demo. Please do watch so that you will have an idea about using this file and also please do bear with our singing capabilities




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